Introducing the stunning ladies of Misfits. All our Ladies are HCM scanned annually and are bred according to FIFe guidelines. Our Queens are treated as Royalty as without them there would simply be no cattery. Here at Misfits we are making a continuing effort to progress with the breed by doing carefully planned matings according to pedigree and type of the individual cats.  All of our girls have the run of the home and are never caged. Please check out the kitten pages for any available and all previous litters.

Photo by KS Digital

Misfits Half Baked aka Frogmella

Solid Black Tortie 
DOB: 7th March 2009

Mother: CH Misfits Cookie Dough
Father: CH RedBull of Ene's

Breeder: Nicola Ball
Owner: Nicola Ball

HCM clear: April 2010 & May 2011 & Feb 2012
PKD negative 
A blood group Carries Sepia

Frog is such a special lady for me. Not only is she a wonderful companion cat she is also a fantastic Mother cat. Frog is so called after her constantly being reffereed to as a little frog as a kitten due to her sticky bald skin and funny wrinkled face. Frog loves everyone and everyone loves the Frog! Frog lives with my wonderful friend Faith where we hope she will have a litter of kittens at some point in 2013 with my boy Misfits Mr T Huglovin

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Photo by Tracy Habgood

Misfits Ivana Hugnkiss AKA Gremlin

Seal torite mink and white 
DOB: 24th of March 2011
Mother: Felena Des Elfes Du Lac of Misfits    
Father: MikiSanukis Heart n' Soul of Misfits
Breeder: Nicola Ball
Owner: Nicola Ball

HCM Clear July 2012

My lovely little Gremlin, the kitten I was never going to keep and here she is! Gremlin is such a "mini me" from her Mum Felena, they are 2 of a kind. Gremlin likes nothing better than snuggling up on your lap and having LOADS of kisses!!!! Gremlin currently lives with her Brother Perry and their wonderful Momma Tanya.


Photo by Tracy Habgood

Misfits Merlotte aka Milly

Red Mink and white
DOB:22nd June 2011 

Mother: Misfits Nude Years Eve
Father: Wizardgate Chunky Monkey

Owner/ Breeder: Nicola Ball
HCM Clear July 2012 Bloodgroup A

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Well here she is my little lady in red. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I have sworn to never have another red girl as they always lead to bad luck in my book however...... then there was Milly!
 Milly Moo, full of wrinkles, amazing chin and muzzle, velvet soft skin and the most loving personality you could ever imagine. My little sweetheart.  

Spayed/ Retired

Photo by KS Digital

TICA Champion Misfits Cookie-Dough

Black Tortie and White    
DOB: 14th May 2007

Mother: Ch Nudedudes Hope of Misfits    
Father: MikiSanukis Tjampoer

Breeder: Nicola Ball  
Owner: Nicola Ball

A blood group Carries Sepia PKD Negative

HCM Negative: Sep 2008, Sep 2009, Oct 2010 and Feb 2012

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Cookie was recently spayed and now lives in her loving forever home with Sol. Cookie was a wonderful Mother and is actually Mum to our girls Frog and Eve and Grandma to our girls Tadpole and Merlotte. Sadly Cookie had a terrible womb infection and cyst but thankfully I had made the decision to spay her or else had it gone unnoticed for much longer it may had caused much more problems for her. Thanks to my wonderful vet Cookie made it through the op and is doing great as a much loved pet.  



Misfits Nude Years Eve

Black Tortie and White
DOB: 1st Jan 2010

Mother: Ch Misfits Cookie-Dough
Father: MikiSanukis Heart n' Soul of Misfits

Breeder: Nicola Ball
Owner: Cathy Lockwood 
HCM: Clear May 2011, July 2012  Bloodgroup A

Eve is one of my "Nude Year" babies as she and her 7 brothers and sisters were born on New Years day 2010.
Eve had her first litter back in 2011 and blessed me with my little red dream girl Milly. Then last year in 2012 she had a beautiful litter of Bambino babies which included my aby girl Mini. Eve is a wonderful Mommy cat and passes on her wrinkles awesome muzzle and chin to all her babies :) Eve went to a wonderful forever home in 2012 with 2 of her babies from her first litter.  


Felena  Des Elfes du Lac of Misfits 

Solid Black tortie tabby
DOB: 13th  January 2009

Mother: Nele-Cherie de Maseres
Father:Amenophis Capo di Capo

Breeder: Florence de La Celle
Owner: Nicola Ball

HCM Negative: Feb 2010, Nov 2010 & Oct 2011


Felena comes all the way from Switzerland and is a true asset to us here at Misfits. Felenas Daddy was bred by one of my all time favorite breeders/judges Aline Noel of Amenophis Sphynx and it is such an honour to be working with these lines. Much thanks to Florence for all your trust in me and for letting me have such a fantastic example of a Sphynx in Felena. Not all cats are cut out to Mommas and sadly Felena was a little bit over zealos with the cleanning of her kittens to the point that she caused them pain and suffering if left to care for them on her own. The kindest thing to do was spay her and let her go to a wonderful pet home. Felena is now spayed and looking for a forever loving home.

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