My Bambino


Introducing my Bambino boy Acrobatkitty Chevy

DOB: 31 march 2009

Blue and white

Sire: Bareangels Tenacois Ark Amaroo

Dam: HolyMoly The First Noel

HCM Clear: Sep 2010, Mar 2011, Sep 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Chevy for the first time back in 2009 when his new Mommy Wil had got him. I have to admit I was not sold on the idea of a Sphynx with short legs! The second I met Chevy any doubts I had were washed away as soon as he ran to greet me when I came in and then proceeded to jump up on the chair then the table top to get to me. I was in love! Sphynx are always my first love but Chevy is a very special boy and is easily on par with any of his long legged cousins :)

My first encounter of Chevy

Chevy is now home here in UK with me and the Misfits and all being well he will spend the rest of his days here. Although Sphynx are my number one love I do plan to have a couple of litters with him before he is neutered later this year. We do have kittens due at the end of April from him so we are all very excited here!
Chevy is the proud Daddy to several wonderful Bambino babies and we are hoping for some lovely lil legs soon!
As with the Sphynx, Chevy is being HCM scanned every 6-12 months and so far so good!
Chevy has all the big personality of a Sphynx wrapped up in a short legged body! Chevy loves his cuddles and kisses and especially loves to wrap himself up in my hair whilst rubbing around neck :)
All Bambino x Sphynx matings result in a 50/50 split of short legged and standard legged kittens although genetics are never exact!
All my Bamb ino kittens both long and short legged will bare the prefix "Misfits Lil" this is so people know they are bambino and NOT Sphynx. No Bambino will EVER be used in my Sphynx breeding program.

Below are some of Chevy's previous babies :)