22nd June True Blood Litter
Misfits Nude Years Eve and Wizardgate Chunky Monkey

24th March Funny Names
Felena Des Elfes Du Lac and MikiSanukis Heart n' Soul of Misfits

1st January Nude Year babies
CH Misfits Cookie-Dough and MikiSanukis Heart n' soul of Misfits

19th January Singleton SoulCake is born
Ch Misfits Cupcake and MikiSanukis Heart n' Soul of Misfits

3rd July my Frogspawn babies arrive
Misfits Half Baked and MagicCarpets Harlequin Moon


24th February F1 litter born
Mog of Misfits (DSH) and CH Misfits tea-For-Two

7th March Cookie theme litter

CH Misfits Cookie-Dough and RedBull of Ene's

29th March Cake theme litter

CH Misfits Cupcake and RedBull of Ene's


July 14th: The Mr & Miss theme litter

WrinkleFunnyFace Miki of Misfits and Ch Faceties Azure

July 28th: The Pop & Love theme Litter

MikiSanukis Popcorn of Misfits and Ch Faceties Azure


14th May: The Sweetie theme litter

Ch Nudedudes Hope of Misfits and MikiSaunukis Tjampoer

17th July: The Dutch theme litter

MikiSanukis Popcorn of Misfits and Bemisu Easy to be Naked


14th July: Singleton Jellybean baby

Ch Nudedues Hope of Misfits and QGC Bastetsphynx Kaalgat


10th October our first litter

IC Nudedudes Patience of Misfits and Bastesphynx Frankie