Welcome to our new "News" page. Here you can see all the latest goings on with our cats including matings, births and HCM scans. Also check back for details and dates of all future Misfit Meet up events! 


25th: A very Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!
2nd: Off to Belgium to see the Christmas Markets and stay with my dear friends Ame and Nico. We had a lovely visit and its always great to catch up and spending a bit of time with Mumble was a bonus ;) A massive thank yo uto Jackie for cat sitting for me, it's so nice to have peace of mind on the rare occasion I need to get away, THANK YOU!!!!


27th: Had some lovely visitors today, Jan, Les and Paul from the Sphynx Cat Club. Was great to see you guys and I hope I do the club proud as the new treasuer ad membership secretary :)
26th: I took Luna and Arty to their forever home today. To say they settle in quickly is an understatemnt! Glad they are both so happy.
12th: Had a lovely visit from Cathy and Trevor today was great to see you guys! Not long now.....

October 2011

30th: Its the Halloween show at Newbury today. Was lovely to see Tanya and Perry and my little Eric with Nicki! Happy Halloween everyone!
17th: Tadpole, Felena and Moon are all going for HCM scans today....and all scanned clear!!!
15th: Princess and Sookie are off to their forever home today. It will be so sad seeing thse special girls go but I am so happy they will be together and in such a loving home xxx

September  2011

29th: Princess, Sookie, Luna and Arty are all off for spays and neutering today, won't belong before they are off to forever homes.
24th: And we are off! Off to the Netherlands to see my dear friend Wil and her family ad bring home a certain little man ;)
18th: Its the SWANLEY show today!!!! This will be Gremlins first show and Perry and Perry and Mr T's second. All are welcome so let me know if you would like the show hall details. The theme is Were back and so as we beleive the 70's are back in fashion we are dressing ourselves and our pens in 70's fashion! Feel free to dess up too oh and you will have no trouble finding us ;-)
10th: Eve babies are off for 2nd Jabs today!
4th: Jay-Jay was my first Sphynx and he has been through so much with his poor health of the last 2 years that I only ever dreamed I would see today with him. Happy 8th Birthday my special special baby, others come and go but there will NEVER be another first. As Barry White says, My first, My last, My everything xxxxxxx
3rd: Happy 7th Birthday Lollipop!!! Lolli is my foundation Queen and was the begining of Misfits. I very big happy birthday to you, 7 years old and still scanning clear of HCM. I sure did go through allot to get you little lady but you were worth every second and more xxxx

August  2011

21st: TICA held a show at Bracknell today and we had a WONDERFUL day! Misfits Mr T Hugloving made a kitten final and the star of the show was Misfits Sly Perry Whenwet who made 9 out of 10 finals and also getting a 2nd best kitten! When you are up against 50 other kittens that is no mean Feat! Congrats to Tanya and Perry I am so very proud of both of you. XXX
20th: Eve's babies have first jabs today and all are very brave actually enjoy the car journey.

July 2011

31st: Today is the Sphynhx Cat Club Garden Party in Kent. Dave and I had a lovely day with all the gang and not only am I a committee member but also now opted on as the new treasure!
28th: Happy 3rd Birthday to the Poppy Love babies, Betty, Yoda, Lelo, Asbo and Su-Mi xxxxx
26th: Today is a very exciting day as Today our lovely girl Misfits Happy Nude Year aka Happy has become a Mum. Happy lives with the wonderful Ame of MagicsAngel Sphynx and we are SO proud of this wonderful girl and her wonderful Mom xxxx
25th: Today sees both Cookie and Sol go to their forever home together. It is so hard to say goodbye to 2 of my favourite adults but I know you will have a wonderful pet life now and thats all that matters. Miss you babies xxxxx
24th: Today my wonderful boy Jetfire comes home to the UK, Welcome to England and Misfits baby boy xxx
17th: A very happy 4th birthday to the Poppy Dutch theme babies, Bob, Borris, Raoul, Blubelle and Daisy xxxxx
14th: Happy 3rd Birthday to the wonderful Miki babies Bully, Mo, Feather, Zombie, Padamae, Angel (RIP) Also a very happy 5th Birthday the wonderful Jellybean! xxxxxxx
11th: Prunella is the last of Felenas bubbas to fly the nest today, enjoy the rest of you days with Nessa little lady xxxxxx
9th: MagicCarpet Harlequin Moon goes to his forever home today with Jackie, Lolli, Feather and Macca, hope they all love you as much as we do I know Jackie does ;-) xxxxx
7th: Today brought some more wonderful news, MagicsAngel Jetfire Become Autobot is HCM Clear along with his Brother and Mum and Dad!!!!
7th: Today is Phoenix and Patience's 7th Birthday! When Phoenix was diagnosed with HCM aged just 18months I never would have dreamed I would be celebrating this milestone today. I love you both so much and I am truly grateful for everyday Phoenix goes without problem.
6th: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful friend Ame, my little Waffle you are so very special to me xxxxx
3rd: Abe is off to his forever home with Marta and Mike, enjoy the single spoilt rotten life baby boy xxx
2nd: Perry Chicken is the first of Felenas babies to fly the nest. Enjoy your new home little man we will miss you so much!

June 2011

29th: Felenas babies are neutered and ready for new homes next week.
22nd: Eve's babies are born! Keep checking back for updates
13th: Babies had 2nd Jabs today, again all doing great afterwards!

May 2011

27th: Yoda comes today for 3 weeks holiday, welcome home baby boy xxxx
23rd: Felena kits had 1st jabs today, all did perfectly well and not so much as a squeak between them
22nd: We had a Lovely visit from Tanya today who came to see her new baby Perry
14th: Happy 4th birthday to the wonderful Cookie, Cupcake, Gobby, Tefer and Ziggy xxxxxxx
5th: The following cats were all scanned clear of HCM today! Wrynkleskyns Beano Other of Misfits, Misfits Jenson Button (F1), Misfits Half Baked and Misfits Nude Years Eve, YIPPEEEEEEE
5th: Happy 1st Birthday to our little lady Wrynkleskyns Beano Other of Misfits!! Love ya little lady xxxx
2nd: Today is the 2011 Misfits Meet Up (MMU) This years MMu is being held at my home and we are hoping for some lovely weather to go with the lovely company we shall be getting. Looking forward to seeing you all!

April 2011

22nd: We are looking forward to our 2 visitors today, Cupcake and Shortcake are coming to stay for a week for their holidays!
15th: Cookie-Dough was spayed today, despite it being a much bigger op than planned, she is doing really well and acting like nothing happened.

March 2011

29th: Happy 2nd Birthday to Misfits Macaroon and Misfits Shortcake hope you have a great day babies xxx
24th: Felena blessed us today with 5 wonderful little babies. Mum and babies doing well.
19th: Today is the earliest due date for babies from our girl Felena, crossing fingers, toes and paws for a trouble free delivery!
8th: WOW time flies, it has been a whole year today since my boy Moon came to stay here, love you my blue eyed boy xxxxxx
7th: A very happy 2nd Birthday to our special little Frog and all her siblings xxx 

February 2011

24th: 2 special birthdays today, one for Jenson and his 3 hairy brothers, Happy birthday boys! And a very happy birthday to my dear friend faith Gillick of Shangari cattery who is 21 again today, love you sweetie xxxxx
1st: Today is a wonderful day as today I learned that a very special little lady by the name of "Vandvis Alice in Wonderland" will be coming to join me and the Misfits in September 2011. I can not wait to meet her and am eternally grateful to Olga for her trust in me. Pics and details to follow soon.

January 2011

29th:Cookie and Moon have had today been mated (and for the next 2 days) Cookie is an excellent and experienced Mother so fingers crossed she will be on standby for first time Mum Felena and her little ones should she need it :-)
19th: Happy 1st birthday Joe-Joe baby xxxxx
15th: Felena and Sol have had some lovely "Lovin" time together today, fingers and paws crossed for the pitter patter of little Misfits in March 2011
9th: Our newest Misfits Family member comes to join us today, Zeus the Dobermann puppy is here!
1st: Happy 1st birthday to all our NudeYear litter and a very Happy New Year to all of you!

December 2010

25th: Misfits Sphynx would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas!
10/11th: Our girls Princess and Tadpole attended their first TICA show today and were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy it!

November 2010

26th: Our lovley Stud boy Sol is 3 years old today, Happy Birthday baby boy!
22nd: More HCm scans today and another clear sweep yeah!! Tefer, Lolli, Felena all clear!
20th: V man goes to his forever loving home with Lara today, gonna miss you baby boy xxxxxx
8th: Lilly and Marmite go to their forever home today with Claire and Ren along with their Great Uncle Tefer!

October 2010

22nd: First of the Frog babies go tonight, Ribbit and Toadfish aka Wiggy and Steadman are off to their forever home tonight x
22nd: The following cats were all scanned CLEAR of HCM today! Cookie, Cupcake, Sol and Moon
14th: Frog spawn are neutered and spayed today all without a hitch!
13th: We had a wonderful day today with Nigel the photogrpaher, thanks so much for the wonderful photos!
3rd: happy 5th Birthday to my first homebred babies Dippy and Truffle xxx

September 2010

29th: Babies final jabs today now the sad countdown until they leave :-(
22nd: Lovely Felicity came for a Misfits fix today and had lots of fun with the little ones, especially Kermit aka captin Jack ;-)
18th: We also had Lara come visit us and the V man today too!
18th: We had the lovely Clare come and visit us today and check out her new kittens!
8th: Frogspawn litter have first jabs today!
4th: A very special 7th Birthday for my first Sphynx Jay-Jay, love you little man xxx
3rd: Happy 6th Birthday LolliDoodle!!!!!

August 2010

29th: Our newest Misfits Family Member "Beano" comes to join us today, she is the Daughter of our Bully  welcome litle lady!
28th: TICA awards night with the lovely Nicki from Wrynkleskyns Sphynx and Faith of shangari Sphynx, a lovely night girls xx
13th: Misfits Decadence aka Dec finally goes to his loving forever home with Karen today, gonna miss you so much baby boy x
8th: After a 10 day visit whilst his Mum and Dad were away, Yoda is off back home today, was lovely to have you come visit xx

July 2010

28th Happy 2nd Birthday to Princess Su-Mi and the gang xxxxx
19th: Misfits are on the move to sunny Horsham West Sussex, wish us luck and see you on the other side!
17th: Happy 3rd birthday to all the little Popcorn babies xxxxx
15th: Happy 2nd Birthday to Bully and the Miki babies xxxx
14th: Happy 4th Birthday JellyBeany baby xxxx
7th: A very happy 6th Birthday to our Patience and Phoenix and here's to what I hope is many many more lovely birthdays to come!
 3rd: Frogspawn has arrived! 9 little Tadpoles came to join us today, Mum and babies doing really well.

June 2010

11th: We had a lovely visitor come stay with us today, Nicki from Wrynkleskyns cattery came down to visit for a couple of days along with a little wrinkly female companion for Bully.........watch this space!

10th: Happy 4th Birthday Popcorn xxxxxxx


29th: Today was Eve's first show at the TICA show in Newbury. Although she was a little overwhelmed by it all she did receive some fantastic comments from the judges plus a 5th best kitten so a good day all round :-)

28th: Today I got to spend a wonderful afternoon with Debs, Ace and the little rubba bubbas Dippy, Truffle and Asbo. Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys and as always was great to catch up! xxx

22nd: Our lovely boy Tefer leaves us today for his forever pet home. His not far away so I can still get my Tefer headbuts when needed ;-)

14th: A very happy 3rd birthday to Cupcake, Cookie, Tefer, Ziggy and the Gobster Monster!!!! And also to us here at Misfits as this is the day we celebrate as our Birthday too :-)

10th: Our Lovely girl Popcorn leaves us today for her forever home. Poppy is off to live with 2 of her children plus 2 other Sphynxys. Miss you Poppylove but know you will be spoilt rotten with Trace and Antony xxx

8th: The last of our babies leaves today, Misfits SoulCake aka Joe leaves today for his forever home alongside Misfits Nigel Mansell. I will miss you both sooo very much xxxx

5th: Beano is Born, The Bully/Bea babies have arrived!!!
1st: A very happy day today! My wonderful friend Ame from MagicsAngel Sphynx came to the UK today for a visit and to collect the newest member of the MagicsAngel family, our very own Happy aka Misfits Happy Nude Year of MagicsAngel. Cant wait to see you my dear sweet friend xxxxx


30th: Cupcake and Joe go for neutering today. Not long Karen before Joe comes home!
29th: WOW a really busy month for us huh! HCM scans today for Froggy, Shortie and Jenson.

27th: Aurora went to her new home today with Felicity and Sam and the very unimpressed Maris Le Spud! I am sure Aurora will win her half sister over she is such a doll after all!

26th: Bully has a very beautiful Sphynx visitor. One of the judges commented on how sad it was that the Sphynx in the UK seem to be loosing their wrinkles and how impressed he was with Jinny and her stunning wrinkles and grumpy face. Put these with Bully and his shar-pei wrinkles and I can not wait to see what we get...........

25th: Misfits Meet up 2010!!! We had an awesome day with friends old and new (Yes Gem you LOL) we had weird wacky wig day, check out the show page for pics of a great day! Our lovely Frog had a great day having a fuss made of her and she loved meeting all the new Sphynx fans!

18th: Baby Beau is off to his new home with Mel and Su-Mi and the gang! You are such a special little man and I know you are making a certain persons dreams come true, job done little one! xxxx

17th: Our gorgeous Mr Wrinkles, now known as "Smeagol" is off to his forever home with Amy and Jim, be good little boy and kiss his wrinkles for me Amy xxxxx

16th: Big Ben 10 AKA Yoda is the 2nd baby to leave the nest, he is going to a fab home with Nico and Manu. I know you will love him as much as he will love you!

14th: The 1st of our Nude Year babies goes to his new home today. Full Moon is off to his forever home with Carrie and Gary and his new brother "Puppy". Miss you little big man xxxxx

9th: Rora, Ben, Moon, Ant and Beau all go for neutering today.


28th: Happy 1st birthday Shortie and Macca you special little monkeys xxx

21st: Cat show in Swanley, we had a lovely day visiting friends today and dropped Bea back to our good friend Nicki, fingers crossed Bully babies due around the 3rd of May!

12th: Our gorgeous home bred boy CH Misfits Tea-For-Two goes to his forever pet home today. You gave us some stunning babies and I give you the gift of eternal happiness with the most lovely family ever! Be happy my Bubbalooby!

9th: Cookie kits go for first jabs today, 9 weeks old already WOW!!!!

8th: A very warm welcome to our new Stud boy Magiccarpets Harlequin Moon, you are most welcome big boy :-)
7th: Happy first Birthday to my lovely little Frog and all the Cookie- Chou babies, love you xxxxxx


25th: Misfits Tea-For-Two and Misfits Nigel Mansel both neutered today and doing fab!!!

24th: Happy 1st Birthday to my F1 fluff babies Jenson, Mansel, Lewis and Herbert xxxx

22nd: Bully gets his first girlfriend!!!

8th: Misfits Mr Magoo and Felena des Elfes du Lac both scanned clear today of HCM.

January 2010

19th: Welcome to the world Misfits Soul Cake aka Joe, Cupcake and Sol's singleton baby

17th: Kitten page updated today so you can keep track of how the Nude Year babies are doing!

13th: Happy first birthday to my darling Felena, I am so grateful to have you here xxx

1st: A happy nude year to you all! We were blessed today with the safe arrival of a wonderful litter of 8 babies from our Girl Cookie and our boy Sol.


25th: A massive Merry Misfits Christmas to you all xxxxxx

13th: I had a lovely visit to the cat show in Coventry today to catch up with some familiar faces.


29th: Misfits Meet up 2009 part 2!! We had our second Misfits meet up this Sunday at the fabulous TICA show in Swanley, Kent. Thanks to Felicity for showing Spuddy so beautifully and to Mel for showing Su-Mi so well too. xxx

26th: Happy 2nd birthday to our Sol baby xxxxxxx

23rd: FELENA IS HOME!!! Welcome to the UK Felena baby, after a very long trip she is settled and happy at home.

20th: Off to Switzerland this weekend to collect our newest addition here at Misfits, Felena des Elfes du lac.


18th: We spent a lovely day with Jackie & Steve, Lolli, Feath and Macca today, what a wonderful day thank you guys xxx

17th: We got to see our beautiful little boy Misfits Oreo aka Ziggy and his lovely Daddy Jason, was lovely to see you both xxx

3rd: Happy 4th Birthday to my first born Sphynx babies, Dippy and Truffle.

1st: Don't forget to purchase "Your Cat" magazine with the lovely Sphynx feature inside where you can see our very own Misfits, Cookie, Cupcake, Frogmella and Shortcake not to mention a couple of stunners belonging to Jan Plumb


19th/20th: 2 day Tica show in Swanley Kent where a couple of Misfits and their slaves will be heading for the show benches. Congrats Misfits PopTart who became a Champion today, well done little Su-Mi and your Momma Mel xxxx

17th: Cupcake, Cookie and Tefer all scanned clear today of HCM.

4th: Today is Jay-Jay's 6th birthday. Jay-Jay was my first Sphynx and is the reason for all who have followed since, love you my special little man in baggy PJ's xXx

3rd: Today is our very own Lollipop's 5th Birthday, Happy Birthday little lady hard to beleive it was 5 years ago I got to see you for the first time xXx

2nd: I spent a lovely morning with Kelly, Megan, padamae and Yoda, was really lovely to catch up and see how well the guys have settled.


30th: We spent a wonderful evening with Felicity and Sam and the wonderful Spuddy, so pleased to see her so settled and happy and great to catch up with you guys too :-)

12th: The guys from the RVC are coming today to take skin swabs of all my Misfits to help with the ongoing study of Malassezia in various cat breeds. Its always nice to be able to help out with any study especially one that may in turn help us understand our breeds needs a little more.

2nd: Well not the greatest start to the new month and probably the worst news a breeder can hear but sadly my girl Popcorn scans positive for HCM aged 3 years. She is now spayed and will go to her forever home a little sooner than planned but we hope she will have a full and stress free pet life for the rest of her days with a wonderful couple who already have 2 of her children and most importantly know about HCM and have been made aware of Poppy's condition. Getting a positive cat is never easy but we feel that being open and up front about it is the only way to remove the stigma that comes with a positive test and hopefully move forward.

1st: We make the 7 hour trip to visit our dear friend Wil Olfers of MikiSanuki cattery for a catch up and the chance to meet a Bambino for the first time. Love or hate the breed Chevy is a superstar and I am so happy to have got the chance to meet him. Miss you Wil and Joop xxxxx


30th: Bully scans clear of HCM today aged 12 months.

29th: The lovely people from Your Cat magazine come for some Sphynxy pics today, more posing and fuss and attention, you sure made my guys day. Look out for the Sphynx feature in Octobers edition of Your Cat Magazine!!!!

28th: Happy 1st birthday to Popcorns 2nd litter who are 1 year old today, a whole year already!!

17th: Happy birthday to all of Popcorns first babies who are 2 today, you have all grown up so much but still kittens in my eyes xxxx

15th: Bully and the Miki babies are 1 today, happy birthday babies xxxxxx

14th: Happy Birthday Jellybean, 3 today who can believe it has gone so quick xxxx

12th: Macca is the final kitten to go to his forever home. He gets to spend his days with his cousin Feather and his Grandma Lolli plus of course with his wonderful new Mum and Dad too. See you soon little man, can't wait till the show!!

11th: TC aka Coco goes to her forever home today with Kelly. Been a long road little lady but finally you get to go home!!!

7th: HAPYY BIRTHDAY Patience and Phoenix, both 5 today!!! Despite Phoenix being diagnosed with sever HCM at the age of 18 months we are so very happy he his here today to share his 5th birthday with us. We love you so much gentle giant and treasure each and everyday you are here with us xxxxxxx


30th: Maris Spud goes off to her new home today where she is spoilt rotten by Felicity and Sam, thanks guys for giving her such a wonderful fun filled home!

28th: The people from Takkoda come today to get some Sphynxy pics for their future projects. All the guys here had a great day striking some poses!.

27th: Gandalf is off to his new home today. We are sure Kev, Tara, Sophie and all the four legged crew are gonna love you as much as we do little man xxxx, Repeat of the documentary we were filmed for last year on Animal Planet.

26th: Herbert leaves for his new home with 2 baldy Brothers and Sister where we are sure he will fit right in. We will all miss our little Bungle bare!

21st: Animal Planet 9pm "Trophy Cats" a little documentary we took part in last year about cat shows and the people who attend them. Filmed at my home and at the shows :-) It is repeated again on the 27th of June.

20th: Our first little F1 fluff baby leaves us for his new home with 3 baldy brothers and sisters to play with, we all miss you little Lewis but know Trace will love you as much as we do xxxxx

19th: Gandalf, Maris Spud and Coco go for neutering today then final count down until home time x

18th: Sol is HCM scanned clear today we await for baby news from him and Miki shortly ;-)

10th: Happy 3rd Birthday Popcorn my sweet little Poppy Love xxx

6th: Leo and Chunk (now know as Yoda and Padamae) go to their wonderful forever home with Kelly and Megan. Being the only 2 pets (for now haha) they are absolutely worshiped and adored by these two willing slaves ;-) Thanks so much for making the space in your lives (and beds) for this special duo. xx

4th: Tibby and 2 boys go for neutering today and all doing fabulously well

1st: Cookie babies have 2nd and final jabs today


29th: Happy 3rd birthday darling little Miki xxxx

19th: Tibby kits have final jabs, not long before new home time!

16th: Misfits Pop ya Collar aka Leo attends his first show taking best of colour, division and breed in all 6 rings plus 4 finals 1x3rd, 2x 2nd and 1 best cat!! Way to go little fella!!

14th: Happy 2nd birthday to our little Misfits Cupcake, Cookie-Dough, Tea-For-Two, Gobstopper and Oreo aka Ziggy xxxxxxxxx

9th:Sadly we say goodbye to our little Princess Suki after a 3 day battle with an upset tummy and despite all efforts and sleepless nights caring around the clock she was releived from suffereing at 9am. RIP sweetest of Angels

9th: Cookie kits have 1st Jabs and are all doing well


28th: Tibby kits have their first vaccines and are all doing great!

15/16th: Stud boys outside runs are completed just in time for the Summer sun!

4th: Chunk and Leo are home and looking for a new forever home, check out our rehome page for more detail


28th: Cupcake
babies are here, 3 magical monkeys doing well.

23rd: Kitten galleries updated today.

22nd: We had a great day at the Misfits meet up 2009 at the TickedTICA show, White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley kent. Check out the slideshow of our day via the show page.

20th: Missy is 1 year old today, Hip, Hip, Horray!!

6th/7th: Kittens are here from Cookie-Dough 4 baldy babies doing well.

4th: Many much needed updates done to website, be sure to take a look around!


24th: Our first litter of F1
kittens from Tibby and Tefer, have arrived. 4 chunky little boys, click here to see more about them.

13th: Paige goes to her new home with Mel and Justin, ready for tons of head butt kisses xxx

January 2009

5th: Despite getting around 1000 entries a day, Bully is picked to be "Pet of the day" on the ZooPlus website, well done little man

4th/5th: Cookie has been bred now we wait to see if any gremlins are brewing :-)

1st: Misfits would like to wish a very happy new year to you all!


14th: Bully and Paige attended their first TICA show in Coventry and seemed to really enjoy their day out. Bully even managed to make a final being judges 7th best kitten of 39! Was lovely to see some other beautiful Sphynx kittens and of course to catch up with all our Sphynx breeder friends, thanks guys for making it such a fun day!


24th: Chunk the last of the babies is ready to go to her new home with her brother Leo and new Daddy Ed. I miss my little snuggle bunny already.

22nd: Curios Mr Loverman AKA Chico is home and fits straight in with all the other hairless little wonders at home plus makes a very welcome canine addition for Marshal.

16th: Betty Blue is off for new adventures with Cuthbert and Teddy and new Mummy Max, bring on the noise!! Asbo also goes today to live with Dippy, Truffle, Louis (his fake Dad) and his new slaves Debs and Ace, hope he continues to live up to his name haha!

15th: LeeLoo is off to live with Bob, Saph and her new slaves Tracy and Antony, be good supreme one ;-)

14th: Leo goes to his new home with Ed, we miss you little big man x

7th: Popcorns babies go for spay and neuter plus Bluebelle and Dinky also are being spayed today

3rd: Lara awaits her new addition....Lil Bee! Oh boy Booga is in for a treat or is it a trick?

2nd: Feather is the next bundle of wrinkles to leave us for his new life with Jackie x

1st: Mo is the first baby to leave home today, hope you love him as much as we do Lisa x


24th: Miki babies go for spay and Neutering today

21st: Kitten galleries both updated

20th: Popcorn babies go for final jabs today

14th: Our wonderful new Stud boy Sol is home from the Netherlands and doing great!

10th: Popcorn, Miki and our DSH Tibby were all HCM scanned today by Jorg Niehoegen at Gladstone Veterinary Clinic, Telford and all scan clear :-)

6th: Miki babies go for final jabs today

3rd: Benny and Bertha aka Dippy and Truffle celebrate their 3rd Birthday, happy birthday little babies


29th: Popcorn babies go for first jabs, all doing great and no side effects.

22nd: Cupcake, Cookie-Dough, Tefer and Lollipop all go for HCM scans performed by Jorg Niehoegen at Gladstone Veterinary Clinic, Telford and all scan clear :-)

18th: We have a fun day with the people of Petographer who come to take some pics of our kittens and some of the older cats, Many thanks Chris and Jen for the lovely pics

16th: Miki Babies go for first Jabs with no side effects and are back climbing the curtains :-) Also Tibby tests Negative for Fiv and FelV

4th: Jay-Jay is 5 years old today, happy birthday little man!!!

3rd: Lollipop is 4 today, Happy Birthday little lady!!!!


9th: Worthing show for the Misfits Meet Up!

6th: Faith Gillick from Shangari Sphynx comes to stay to drop off our new arrival, Missy.

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