Hi, my name is Nicky Ball AKA Misfits Momma and welcome to my site :-) 

About the Misfits Cattery

Misfits is a small Sphynx breeding cattery in sunny Horsham West Sussex breeding for health first with quality never quantity in mind. All my Sphynx live indoors with a free run of my home. Every Misfit kitten is born in my home under my supervision, unlike some we DO NOT pass out our breeding Queens to other people to have litters in our name just so we can produce more and more kittens, this is the typical practice of a kitten mill and something we do NOT agree with.
Every mating is planned very carefully according to pedigree and bloodtype. Inbreeding is a big NO NO for us so pedigrees are checked very carefully before matings take place. We are also very dedicated to HCM awareness in the breed and HCM screen all of our breeding cats every 6-12 months depending on how much they are being used in our breeding program.
We take the health of our cats very seriously and as such only breed our girls when they are ready and never before 12 months of age and never without a HCM scan FIRST! 
All our kittens are spayed/neutered before leaving us and come fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. We personally deliver each and every Misfit to their new home and will give a full bathing demo for new Sphynx owners too :-)
If you maybe interested in becoming a Mum or Dad to one of our little Misfits please read my kitten page for all info :-)

About Me:

I saw my first Sphynx cat many years back on a web page called "Worlds weirdest animals" and was instantly mesmerized by this strange and yet very hypnotizing bald cat. I then spent the next two years looking into the breed and soon realized that as I worked full time I would not be a suitable home for a Sphynx as they are so people orientated. Then finally one day I was able to drop down to part time work and was in a position where I felt I could be a good home for Sphynx cat and started the never ending task of looking for a good breeder.

Back in 2003 there were very few Sphynx breeders here in the UK and the search seemed impossible but I finally came across Jennifer of Nudedudes Sphynx who had just had her very first litter of Sphynx kittens and had one available! I felt so lucky to be getting Jay-Jay as a new member of my family as I first thought I would have to wait ages on a waiting list. Although I was first looking to just get a pet I decided to go to a couple of shows with Jen and was instantly bitten by the show bug. So much so that I went on to attended every single FIFe and TICA show in the UK no matter where in the Country it was for the following 2 years. Jay-Jay did extremely well during this time and I learnt so much about the standard of points he was judged against and what I liked and didn't like the look of in other Sphynx and started to research the various pedigrees. Slowly but surely like pieces of a puzzle I could see the lines that produced cats I thought fitted the standard well and lines which I felt produced cats which didn't. It was fairly clear that I wanted to be a part of the whole cycle of bringing little naked wonders into the World.

After getting to know me very well Jen decided to let me have my co-owned cats Patience and Phoenix whom I also campaigned on the show benches. At the time co-owning my first breeding cats seemed a great idea, I got to share my home with two beautiful cats and would later get to experience the joy of kitten birth and raising and Jennifer would get to keep back two cats in her prefix who's kittens would be in her prefix all without the time and expense of raising them. I was warned by others at the time that sharing a prefix never works  out long term but I honestly believed our friendship and trust that we had built up would withstand anything. As the saying goes it takes a lifetime to build up friendship and trust and suspicion not proof to destroy it, sadly never has anything been more true :-(

Back in October 2007 I decided to come out from under Jens wing and carry on with breeding Sphynx under my own prefix of Misfits Sphynx. Misfits is registered with both TICA, GCCF and FB and some of our kittens have done very well on the show benches.

Personal thanks

I would like to personally thank all those breeder friends old and new who have supported me through this huge change in my life and have been there to help me along the way. And of course I would like to thank Jennifer who has made me the breeder I am today, if it wasn't for the way you treated me and the things I have seen both good and bad thanks to you over the 4 years we were partners I wouldn't be the strong person with what I believe to be good sound breeding ethics I have today, Thank you!

Many thanks to Wil and Debbie Olfers for being the light at the end of a very long tunnel and for giving me hope when I had none. Also to my dear sweet friend Ame, my visits with you and your beautiful Kittens kept me going and your friendship means so much to me, thank you my dear. I never forget all the breeders that have come before me to create the beautiful sphynx that I am lucky to be working with. Flo your trust in me with Felena is very appreciated and I promise you well placed I will make you proud :-)

And of course the biggest THANK YOU is to my little Sphynx who I am blessed to share my home and life with, my house would not be a home without you!

Nicky x